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Dark Heart Designs Halloween on Christmas Collection Review & Swatches ( VIDEO)



Hey lovlies!

Check out my video above to see swatches and my personal review on Dark Heart Designs new Holiday Collection based off of the Nightmare Before Christmas. The set contains 2 gel liners, 4 shadows, and 3 lip glosses!  They have full sized containers of each color as well as the sample pack that I got.  XO Cupcake

Dark Heart Designs: After Black Friday Sale!

Dark Heart Designs has started an After Black Friday Sale today about an hour ago! Here is the information below! They currently sell Eye Lights (gel liner in unusual colors), Lip Slicks *Lip glosses in both crazy and work friendly shades*, and two types of eyeshadows *duochrome= two colors colliding on your lids ( this includes the Halloween on Christmas Eyeshadows and the beloved Good Witch/Bad Witch collection has returned again! As well as normal shadows that are shimmery in many different shades! They also offer sample baggie colors for if you are indecisive like me!
The After Black Friday sale starts now!

50% off Shipping
50% off Store Wide (The only exception is the Dark Heart’s club, and gift cards)
Free gift wrapping upon request
Free print of Kiara (the girl in our banner)
Free Random gift with every order over $10

*Please not that not all jar styles are exactly alike. I’ve had to order a few for this sale that hold the same amount, but are not as tall. The code is BlkFri!

Jack and Sally Look

Hey everyone! Still feeling crappy but I decided to do a Jack and Sally inspired look using Dark Heart Designs new collection based off of the Nightmare Before Christmas called “Halloween on Christmas”

I used their Eye Lights gel liner in Mad Scientist, based off of Dr. Finklestein and it is a gray green with blue shimmer, similar to his skin tone in the movie. It goes very well with Rag Doll, based off of Sally, an aqua with red shimmer on my lid. The red I used in the crease and outer V was the other color that was originally supposed to be for Rag Doll its a red with blue shimmers. I like both but the aqua fits better in the collection and is more versatile for eye wear. Bone Daddy is a bone color darker than Ghost Dog but lighter than The Mayor and it has orange sparkles. I put this on my brow bone and tear duct.  The lips are a red with purple undertones called Lock. From afar it does look a little orange but I like it a lot, it goes on very smooth and is not sticky. XO Cupcake

Dark Heart Designs Halloween on Christmas Collection Unveiled!

Hey everyone! Dark Heart Designs just released their new collection “Halloween on Christmas!” Based off of the Tim Burton Film Nightmare Before Christmas! This collection is dynamic as they are all duochrome and are highly pigmented!  They have 4 new eyeshadow shades which are safe for eyes, lips, face and nails/ 3 new lip slick glosses which as you can see in the picture have sparkles in them as well/ and 2 new Eyelight gel liners all inspired by the characters in the movie! I can’t wait to create more looks and show you guys the diversity of this new collection. I think it is very diverse and that it is very marketable to different skintypes because of the soft colors and shimmers.

Taken from their storenvy description

Collection information

♥ Shadows ♥

Safe for: Lips, Eyes, Face, Nails

Rag Doll Shadow: A light aqua color with a red undertones and sparkle. Inspired by Sally’s skin tone, and hair color.

Bone Daddy shadow: A pale cream/bone color with orange undertones and sparkle. Inspired by Jack, and created with his nicknames in mind: Bone Daddy, and Pumpkin King.

Ghost Dog Shadow: A white shadow with red and orange undertones and sparkle. Inspired by Zero, Jack’s ghostly dog companion.

The Mayor Shadow: A Beige color with purple and blue undertones and sparkle. Inspired by the mayor of Halloweentown, and his changing faces.

♥ Lip Slicks ♥

Safe for: Lips

Lock Lip Slick: A red semi-sheer gloss shade with purple undertones. Inspired by Lock’s skin tone and red costume.

Shock Lip Slick: A mauve semi-sheer gloss with green undertones. Inspired by Shock’s costume and skin tone.

Barrel Lip Slick: A dark purple semi-sheer gloss with blue and green undertones. Inspired by Barrel’s sometimes black, sometime purple costume and green shaded skin tone.

♥ Eye Lights ♥

Safe for: eyes, face

Boogie Man Eye Light: A bright lime gel eye liner with a slight purple undertone. Inspired by Oogie Boogie, and his sometimes green tone.

Mad Scientist Eye Light: A pale gray green gel eye liner with a slight blue undertone inspired by Dr. Finkelstein’s skin tone.

On their store site they have a special sample package where you can try all of the colors in the collection for a reasonable price


I am planning on doing some more looks with this fun collection!

XO Cupcake


On a side note, I recently got into Vlogging on youtube so I plan on trying some new things, I got a request on a makeup 101, choosing colors for skintone etc and I think it’s a great idea so I’m happily procrastinating on that!  My youtube is Amystika17 so if you are interested in that look me up!  Let me know if any looks in particular you would like to see a tutorial on!

Natural Look

Hi everyone! I wasn’t feeling well today but I was really excited to make a look with Dark Heart Designs new collection that has been revealed! Nightmare Before Christmas! My favorite childhood movie ever! This picture unfortunately does not show all of the shimmeryness that these highly pigmented and well made eyeshadows exude.  I used three of the new colors for this natural look.  I used The Mayor,  a  neutral beige w/ purplish blue undertones on my lid. On my inner corners and browbone highlight I used Ghost Dog (based on Zero) a white with orange and red undertones. I also used my sample of Mon Ennui’s Fairytale a pink with gold reflects on my crease. My lips have Shock, a mauve with green sparkles. I have plum eyeliner and purple mascara on as well. I was really impressed with both companies high color payoff using very very little of the product.  I consider this a very important quality because you could have a ton of eyeshadow but if you have to put a ton of it on just to get it to show up that doesn’t seem worth it to me.  The quality of the lip slick is also impressive, it has high shimmer and coverage and typically I shy away from glosses because of that stickyness that occurs, this however, had none of that and was very lightweight.  The shimmer and lightness of this look really helped me not look so sick and crummy and made my eyes really open up! And I didn’t feel like I had a pound of makeup on, always a good sign of good quality makeup.

Dark Heart Designs on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/darkheartdesigns

Their Storenvy (located on their Facebook as well but here is the external link) : http://darkheartdesigns.storenvy.com/

Mon Ennui on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mon-Ennui-Cosmetics/179910115420725

Mon Ennui Cosmetics Etsy Store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/monennui

Let me know on any look if you would like a tutorial!

XO Cupcake