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Marilyn Monroe Tutorial

Marilyn Monroe has been an icon for classic beauty. I was inspired by her look for a Pinup/burlesque Contest going on at Mon Ennui Cosmetics.  Below is a tutorial on how to achieve her timeless look.


1.  Conceal and use a foundation that you like, I used L’Oreal True Match in C1.

2. Set with powder on a Kabuki brush for a flawless finish!


1. Fill in your brows and try to create an arched shape, you can use a photo of Marilyn to help you out.

2. Apply a pale shimmery white/offwhite to the whole eye area.  I used Mon Ennui Cosmetics Antique Pearl, a pearly shimmery highlighter color in an off white ( https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=221094364635633&set=a.196849527060117.47267.179910115420725&type=3&theater Photo of it here).

3.I then took a metallic silver and applied it to the whole lid area and extending it to the inner corner and under the eye. I used Mon Ennui Cosmetics Slipper a high shine metallic silver (https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=209697792441957&set=a.196849527060117.47267.179910115420725&type=3&theater Photo here).

4.  I took a matte brown and lightly at first, drew a crease higher than my natural crease to create a large eyed illusion, similar to Marilyn in photos.  I used the same brown that I filled my brows in. Darken this area as needed to create a sharp darkened crease for depth.

5. Take eyeliner of your choice, I used Milani’s liquif’eye liner in black and created a thin line on the upper lashline and extending it out to a small cateye.  A good reference on how far you should go is to meet the brown shape you made in the crease area.

6. Take a brown color and using a liner brush accentuate the lower lashline.

7. Use a mascara of choice and use a few coats to get large lashes, add false ones if desired.

Lips & Cheeks

1.  Use  a liner to fill in your lips to get the desired shape. I already have very full lips so I just filled in my natural lashline but you can alter yours to be like Marilyn’s or create any lipshape you want.  Fill in with the pencil.

2. Using a lipbrush or straight from the tube, apply a red lipstick (Monroe used reds with a more orange undertone but choose whatever red fits your mood!) I used Besame’s Red Hot Red, a replica of Monroe’s favorite color! Clean up the edges with concealer/foundation for a crisp bold lip!

3. Take a small amount of the same lipstick and apply to the cheekbone area and BLEND!

4. using liquid liner you can either make a fake beauty mark, or accentuate a beauty mark that is already on your face (like I did!) I personally like to accentuate a beauty mark that I already have, it makes each look different in my opinion!


1. Curl your hair or use a wig!

2. Add flashy diamonds (they are a girls best friend!)

3. Add a sassy dress!

4. Rock a smile!

I hope you guys liked this tutorial!  And head on over to Mon Ennui to make a pinup/burlesque look of your own!

Mon Ennui Cosmetics Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mon-Ennui-Cosmetics/179910115420725

Mon Ennui Cosmetics Store: http://monennui.com/

Besame Cosmetics Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BesameCosmetics

Besame Cosmetics Store: http://www.besamecosmetics.com/

Cupcakes Makeup on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cupcakes-Makeup/276903985695416

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Amystika17/videos

Cupcake ———->


Holiday Look

Hey everyone! here is a tutorial for this Holiday Look!


Lips: Besame Red Hot Red lipstick *warm red (Marilyn Monroe’s color!)

Face: Concealer and Foundation -Covergirl Naturelux Foundation Alabaster

Cheeks:  Rub some lipstick onto your cheeks and blend well!

Eyes: Take Mon Ennui Cosmetics Cursed Touch *Gold* and use wet application all over lid extending above the crease and creating a rounded edge.  Take Mon Ennui Cosmetics Myrrh *dark burnished gold* and apply to crease and outer v area and blend outward to edge of gold, blend inward a bit.  Take Mon Ennui Cosmetics Slipper *silver* into tearduct and under eye as well as highlight! (what is the holidays without lots of shimmery sparkleness! ) Take Myrrh again and put it under eye as well.  Use black or green mascara on lashes and you are finished! Sparkly holiday glamour! I hope you enjoyed this look!

Besame Cosmetics Lipstick and Gloss review! VIDEO!!!!

VIDEO LINK! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C1IvpBP12wI&feature=youtu.be

For the holidays I recieved 3 samples of Besame Cosmetics’ lipsticks as well as a full size clear gloss. I have been eyeing their stuff for a while!
The lovely colors I recieved
Clear Gloss=Crystal Glaze 406 *size is not indicated but I would say a little over 5mls*
Lipsticks in =
Besame RED C208
Red Hot RED C213
Cherry RED C210 Each in 1 gram jars
Besame Cosmetics is a company that recreates 1940’s & 50’s Hollywood glamour including vintage lipstick colors in stylish retro cases, Lipliners, eyeliners, brow pencils, Vintage shadows in vintage collectable cases, cream blush in vintage tins, gloss, foundation *powder and liquid*, 1930’s mascara and glosses! This is a unique company and I suggest it to anyone that likes pinup looks, classy cateyes, any fan of these time periods, or those looking for something sophisticated and timeless!

Besame Cosmetics
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/BesameCosmetics
Website: http://www.besamecosmetics.com/home.cfm

My Blog: https://cupcakesmakeup.wordpress.com/
My Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cupcakes-Makeup/276903985695416

Colorful Winter Wonderland Submission and Tutorial

When I think of a colorful winter wonderland, I think of pastels and metallics.  The spatter of color is reminiscent of the way snow flakes fall on you when you are walking around on a fresh winter day. The lashes are coated in white also representing snowflakes collecting there during a snowstorm! The pastel colors are from the inspiration of a sunrise on a winter day with snow around, everything is softened so dramatically with the snow in its presence. The rhinestones are representative of the way fresh snow glistens when the sun reflects off of the ground.

For this look I went very organic with shapes and soft blended colors in the lips and eyes to obtain a seamless mesh of pastel colors to represent the way the sky blends colors.

How the look was created :

Face: L;Oreal true match foundation in c1 Alabaster all over face blended well.  Lime Crime Magic Dust Shadows in Mirror Mirror *silver*, Empress *dark purple*, Twilight *pale purple*, Mon Ennui Cosmetics shadow in Gold Digger *mustard gold* tapped onto face for spattering pattern.  Apples of cheeks has Mon Ennui Cosmetics shadow in Fairytale *pink gold*

Eyes: Wet application of Dark Heart Designs shadow in Jadis *white silver duochrome with aqua sparkles* all over eyes.  Using the BH 120 color palette, I took a matte dark magenta/purple and applied to the crease, extending to part of the browbone.  Took another color from the BH palette a periwinkle and applied to the outer browbone section, blending with the magenta.  Took an pale aqua from the BH palette and applied to inner part of eye.  Took Dark Heart Designs shadow in Absinthe and applied to center of lid.  I then took the blue colors from the BH palette and colored my brows. Took Milani Liquif’eye liner pencils in black, silver, and gold.  I created a large wing on the top lid with black and brought it under the eye.  The silver was placed in the inner corner of the eye, extending into a point where the nude crystals from Mon Ennui Cosmetics were placed. The silver was also brought out to where the second crystal was placed.  The gold was used to accentuate the tear duct area.  Lash Stilletto by Maybelline was used in 3-4 coats on lashes and while wet, Mon Ennui Cosmetics eyeshadow Lina Blanche was patted onto lashes thickly * a white with pale purple undertones*

Lips: Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in D’liliac on outer lips, then applied Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in Airborne Unicorn to center lip.

I hope you enjoyed my look! I had a lot of fun pushing my creativity to make this look! XO

Lime Crime : http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=1159

Mon Ennui: http://www.monennui.com/

Dark Heart Designs: http://www.darkheartdesigns.storenvy.com


Color Changing Cat Eye

Hello! Today’s look is a color changing teal and purple cateye.  These are two of my favorite colors so I had to do this look.  I had participated in a makeup look contest for Mon Ennui cosmetics.  Everyone who entered recieved samples of the new colors and the two winners got the colors named after them! Lina Blanche, a shimmery white with purple sparkles, and Jaime Noir a black with teal sparkles. When blended together the color changing happens! It also comes out upon adding the shadow to water for a more metallic lavender and teal color.  I paired this look with Lime Crime’s D’lilac since the colors were so so similar.   I used a peachy blush to warm up the cool colored look. 

The color changing magic that is expressed when both colors are blended together

Lime Crime : http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=1159

Mon Ennui: http://www.etsy.com/shop/monennui

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors!

XO Cupcake

Vintage Pin – Up Makeup : Modernized

Hello!  I got a request for vintage pin up makeup with a twist, so I did that look today!

Makeup I used:

Mon Ennui Cosmetics- Myrrh (dark gold on outer V) https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mon-Ennui-Cosmetics/179910115420725

-Ennui ( peach gold on lid) www.monennui.etsy.com

Dark Heart Designs- Bone Daddy (bone/cream with orange sparkle on highlight) https://www.facebook.com/darkheartdesigns

– Moonchild (pale silver on inner corner)  http://www.darkheartdesigns.com/

Lime Crime Makeup- Lipstick in Retrofuturist (true red) http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=1159

I also used a random matte brown for the crease

Milani- Black Liquif’eye eye liner pencil


For this look I kept the eyes neutral, but neutral does not have to be boring! I used metallic golds and silvers to make this look for modern, since the original look involves skin colored lids, a slightly darker brown crease to create depth, and a simple cat eye.  All of these colors were matte.  I love shimmery colors, so I decided to make this look metallic and chic.  The most versatile and expressive part of this look is the cateye liner.  This is the part where you can get creative and it is the staple, most identifiable part of this look.  You can go super thick on the end like Amy Winehouse, or do thin and delicate, gradate the line, make a huge one covering your whole eye * I was considering it*. You can make this very unique by experimenting with colors and textures as well!  Red lips are another staple of this look but don’t be afraid to try different reds or shimmers, or even black *I was thinking about it XD*.


Step by step tutorial

1. place the pale gold on the center of the lid *ennui*

2. use a silver for the tear duct *moonchild* and bring it under the eye about halfway

3. use a matte brown for the crease

4. add a pale cream *bone daddy* for highlight

5. using a dark gold *myrrh* on a small round brush and create a < shape on your eye *for right eye > * buff this color out as far as you like and bring it in a bit to the lashline and crease area.

6. Reapply some Ennui to center of lids to make this color pop more!

7. using a black liner, create the desired cateye shape, don’t forget to lightly trace your bottom lashline and blend in with the silver for a soft line.

8. Add mascara and lashes if desired

9. slightly darken brows- you want to accentuate the intense eye makeup with sculpted brows!

9. choose your wildest red! *if you DARE!* and apply to lips and cheeks.  I opt for a matte color since the eyes have a lot of shimmer. Adding a bit of lipstick as a cheek color is great when you want to match your lipstick to your blush! You also get a very natural looking flush since it does not lay on top of the skin as much as powder would!

10. Finish lips with gloss if desired, or set look with powder foundation

Good luck and don’t be shy to be creative with color choices!

XO Cupcake

Peachy Princess look ^__________^

Hey Everyone! Today I was feeling in a peachy nude girly mood today! So I created these looks using mainly 3 different brands of products: Lime Crime Coquette lipstick, Mon Ennui Cosmetics eyeshadow in Fairytale & nude jewelry grade crystals, Dark Heart Designs eyeshadow in Ghost Dog from Halloween on Christmas.  How to Achieve this look:

Start off with concealer, apply it in the corners of your eyes, under your eyes, sides of the nose and mouth, blend with your fingers (try not to tug on the skin!)  Apply your foundation of choice, I use liquid foundation and use a brush, starting at the nose and working my way outward in circular motions.  Apply Coquette to well exfoliated lips.  Dip an eye shadow brush in Fairytale, or a similar color that is pink with gold reflects.  Dip this into some water and then paint this on your lids! This is called wet application and will bring out the shimmery metallic elements in a loose shadow.  Take a shimmery white or Ghost Dog, a white with orange and red undertones and put that on brow bone and tear duct.  Using a plum liner line close to the lash line and do a wing if you would like.  Use a peach blush and apply to apples of cheeks for a healthy glow! Add fake lashes if you would like, I used Ardell Glitz and Glam in Naomi because I have little lashes and I want HUGE ONES! 😀 I also added the nude crystals to finish the look.  Feel free to get creative here and express yourself!! XO Cupcake

Lime Crime : http://www.limecrimemakeup.com/idevaffiliate/idevaffiliate.php?id=1159

Mon Ennui : http://www.monennui.com

Jack and Sally Look

Hey everyone! Still feeling crappy but I decided to do a Jack and Sally inspired look using Dark Heart Designs new collection based off of the Nightmare Before Christmas called “Halloween on Christmas”

I used their Eye Lights gel liner in Mad Scientist, based off of Dr. Finklestein and it is a gray green with blue shimmer, similar to his skin tone in the movie. It goes very well with Rag Doll, based off of Sally, an aqua with red shimmer on my lid. The red I used in the crease and outer V was the other color that was originally supposed to be for Rag Doll its a red with blue shimmers. I like both but the aqua fits better in the collection and is more versatile for eye wear. Bone Daddy is a bone color darker than Ghost Dog but lighter than The Mayor and it has orange sparkles. I put this on my brow bone and tear duct.  The lips are a red with purple undertones called Lock. From afar it does look a little orange but I like it a lot, it goes on very smooth and is not sticky. XO Cupcake

Natural Look

Hi everyone! I wasn’t feeling well today but I was really excited to make a look with Dark Heart Designs new collection that has been revealed! Nightmare Before Christmas! My favorite childhood movie ever! This picture unfortunately does not show all of the shimmeryness that these highly pigmented and well made eyeshadows exude.  I used three of the new colors for this natural look.  I used The Mayor,  a  neutral beige w/ purplish blue undertones on my lid. On my inner corners and browbone highlight I used Ghost Dog (based on Zero) a white with orange and red undertones. I also used my sample of Mon Ennui’s Fairytale a pink with gold reflects on my crease. My lips have Shock, a mauve with green sparkles. I have plum eyeliner and purple mascara on as well. I was really impressed with both companies high color payoff using very very little of the product.  I consider this a very important quality because you could have a ton of eyeshadow but if you have to put a ton of it on just to get it to show up that doesn’t seem worth it to me.  The quality of the lip slick is also impressive, it has high shimmer and coverage and typically I shy away from glosses because of that stickyness that occurs, this however, had none of that and was very lightweight.  The shimmer and lightness of this look really helped me not look so sick and crummy and made my eyes really open up! And I didn’t feel like I had a pound of makeup on, always a good sign of good quality makeup.

Dark Heart Designs on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/darkheartdesigns

Their Storenvy (located on their Facebook as well but here is the external link) : http://darkheartdesigns.storenvy.com/

Mon Ennui on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mon-Ennui-Cosmetics/179910115420725

Mon Ennui Cosmetics Etsy Store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/monennui

Let me know on any look if you would like a tutorial!

XO Cupcake

Blue Lips!

 Hey Everyone, this is a look I used with Dark Heart Designs Makeup I used their vibrant blue eyeshadow, Rave on my lips with some gloss, I also put it in my crease. It is such a statement color! I used Absinthe a metallic tealish green on my wing and Beautiful Nightmare in the center of my lid! 😀 I need a better camera but hope you guys like it anyway! XO Cupcake                                                                                                        Check out Dark Heart Designs on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/darkheartdesigns and their new storenvy ( they used to be on etsy but changed to this one! They will be having a sale soon so keep your eyes peeled! I’ll also be talking about their new collection and doing some looks with them soon! ❤ A hint about their new collection “What’s This?” >:D http://darkheartdesigns.storenvy.com/

What do you guys think of blue lips? Do you enjoy unconventional lipcolors?