Review: Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

As part of my “Treat Yourself” Holiday gift to me, I decided to pick up the Neogen Dermalogy Bio-Peel Gauze in Peeling Wine. I was torn between the Wine, Lemon, and Green Tea types but ultimately went with the Wine version because it received the Soko Glam award. Since I love it so much I plan on trying the other two types next time.

Packaging: Comes in a sturdy clear container that has the pads inside. You can see the excess formula in the bottom, keeping the pads moist.

Information: These pads come with a place for your fingers to slip inside for easy usage. One side has an exfoliating side that you use first, then you flip to the smooth side and wipe away dead skin. Resveratrol comes from wine and assists with chemical exfoliation as well as providing antioxidants to the skin to fight free radical cellular damage. Lactic Acid cleans pores and the pads themselves remove dead skin and wipe away the debris.

Effects and Impressions:  Combining mechanical exfoliation with chemical exfoliation seems like one step away from over exfoliation, however I found this product to be very gentle on my dry /sensitive skin. I use it two times a week and have noticed significantly less dry skin and dirty pores. At first I was afraid it was going to be too harsh in combination with my acne products (one of which is retinol, a chemical exfoliant) and perhaps without the rest of my moisturizing skincare routine (looking at you Honey Propolis Essence) it would be. I noticed the effects the first time I used it.  I hadn’t had a chance to properly exfoliate my face with a scrub since I had long runout of my Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub; so I know my skin definitely needed it. My skin felt so smooth and not irritated, although it was a tad red (almost like increased blood flow to my face, not irritation), it went away very quickly. Once I was sure it was not going to irritate my skin or be too much exfoliation, I decided to do it twice a week to keep up on clogged pores and dead skin. I’m very pleased with the results of this exfoliant, its quick and easy to use, not to mention very zen for me to do. I look forward to trying the other types and seeing if there is a significant difference between them and see which my skin likes the best. I’m definitely keeping this as a permanent addition to my skincare arsenal.

Have you heard of this product?

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