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Bath Vibes bath bomb review

I just bought the deluxe sampler pack from Bath Vibes, a small company located at the Jersey Shore.
Instagram: @bathvibes
I found them on Instagram and decided to try all of the bath bombs and review them below.

Shipping was super fast for me because I live in NJ and when I opened the box I was greeted with all the lovely smells! The bath bombs were all packed nicely and all arrived undamaged

Included in the box was:

Lavender Fields-this one is very relaxing with lavender actually floating in the bath! Perfect for winding down from a long day. 4/5

Lemon Drop- a beautiful blend of citrus scents, turning the bath a pastel yellow! This is a very universal bomb that would be great to use anytime! 4/5

Margarita- smells just like the drink! This one was my favorite, it was moisturizing with a great blend of scents. The water turned a fun lemon lime color!! 5/5

Mariposa- I loved this bathbomb! It has dried flowers in it and a heavenly scent! The lavender and honeysuckle fragrance is long lasting and relaxing, and this bomb has many oils that moisturized my skin. 5/5

Rosemary Spearmint- This one did not have a very strong scent in the bath and did not change the water very much although it was still nice. I recommend this for people who want something subtle to relax them before bed. Good for men and women as the scent is gender neutral and has a subtle fragrance. 3/5

Tea Tree- this one had a strong tea tree scent which I loved! It turned my tub into a pastel green spa sensation. The oils left my skin moisturized and my mind refreshed. I totally recommend it after a long day or if you have a cold! 5/5

Galaxy Moon Stone- I enjoyed this one because it was very floral, including jasmine, ylang ylang, lavender and lemon, which all blended nicely. It turned the water a lovely cerulean color. It was pretty moisturizing and my only complaint is that the scent lasted longer! 4/5

Love Struck Heart Shaped- this one was a darling heart shaped bomb that was fun to watch slowly shrink in the bath! It gave off scents of lemon, rose (my fave), lavender and cedar wood which led to a relaxing and intricate blend of smells. It turned the water a peachy pastel pink and the scent lasted a while! 4/5

These are 4.5 oz bombs that come individually wrapped with tags with names, making it easier for me to know which one is which.

If you check their Facebook and Instagram they have coupon codes and giveaways!