Halo Soap review (etsy store)

Recently I’ve been into taking more baths and relaxing, leading me to discover BATH BOMBS! Delightfully colorful and scented fizzy fun that I am now addicted to. I started with frequenting Lush, but then I decided to explore etsy, and HaloSoap does not disappoint!

When Lush had the rose collection out I instantly fell in love with it’s seductive feminine scent! After perusing etsy I decided to try the large Rose Water Bath Bomb 4 pack from Halo Soap. I had no expectations except that I wanted it to smell nice and maybe turn the water pink.

It arrived super fast and came with a lovely citrus soap sample which I am now pining after. The bath bombs came safely wrapped, with some thoughtful bath bomb essentials like silica packets to keep them dry and fresh along with a drawstring pouch for those bombs that have flowers in them. Normally I love when there are flower bits but sometimes it can be hard to clean up! The scent was lovely and just what I wanted. It did turn the water a nice pastel pink, with roses in it and the scent stayed on my skin all day making me feel lovely. I think my favorite thing was that it left my skin so moisturized and soft. Sometimes bathbombs do not have essential oils in them but the ones that do really pamper your skin!

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It’s great to be back!

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