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Mon Ennui Cosmetics August Mon Ennui of the month package: Hot August Nights


I just got my Mon Ennui Cosmetics Monthly Package.  It was $12.50, and you get 4 samples of 4 new colors that will be coming out, and they are all coordinated to go with each other, so you don’t have 4 random colors that you can’t use in a look.  This is the first monthly package I have ever gotten, and I really was impressed with this one!

All of the colors went on super smooth and had very high pigmentation, and I loved every color, which I was surprised!

Onward to the description that came with the colors! 

Hot August Nights: Mon Ennui of the Month Package: Summer nights are extra hot with smokey eyes, sparkling metallics and a color shifting highlight!

SMUT:Sparkling Dirty Rose

LAGUNA: Sparkling Metallic Teal

TESLA COIL: Electric Extreme Color Shifting highlight (green to teal to blue to purple)

MONOLITH: Mostly Matte Charcoal Gray with a hint of midnight blue pearl


From top to bottom: Tesla Coil, Laguna, Smut, Monolith

From just looking at these pigments and putting them on my hand, I already want Tesla Coil and Laguna in large sizes!